Saturday, August 15, 2009

My memories of 1968, when I joined class 1

The year 1968
Joined OG junior school.From the HM, Mrs.L.K.Gupta's office was sent to class one 'A' along with ayah,Kalawati.My class teacher Mrs.Mathur,made me sit along with all others.The day passed with sobbing,crying with surges of homesickness.I remember gradually adjusting and making few friends some names do come mind Rajesh Chaudhri,Sanjiv Khandpur,Yogesh Mehta to name a few...
Come March-April.The snakes used to come out basking in the junior school courts The classes were of Cl-1 of two sections, cautions exerted by teachers.In the days followed got fever and then of course one of the dreaded diseases chicken pox.I was sent to hospital.There were many others from SBS,two names I remember are of P.S.Paul boys' school captain and the much feared Sister Blake.. Paul was comforting and so were a few seniors,but when we used to sit in the sun, the numbing cold and the fearsome voice "Baccha log sab ward mein body to sit outside......"We youngsters rushed in but seniors boys did not fear..Then came the blood freezing cry..."Bada logon ka pyjama utaro...ayah! aur baba log bed se nahi niklega.....

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