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This article is a work by Rajiv - batch of 1970. It is posted here from the yahoo group blog.


The bit about the "learning" stage as in 1995 reminded me of what kids we were in 1970 - and thats when we were "passing out". And if you take kids of the current era - perhaps they could teach us a lesson or two !

In any case,on a different subject, one aspect that I feel really pinched anyone who sufferred was being "gated". For the uninitiated (the practice may no longer be prevalent)- being gated meant that every place beyond the BS boundaries was out of bounds for the duration of your gating. This meant that while trips to Muss were fully verbotten, worse - even GS gate was out of range - meaning no movies, socials etc.

All major misdemeanours resulted in gating.

The one incident that comes to mind was either of 1979. It was a Sunday & the news came in that a Gattu had overturned at the culvert in Jhids just after the climb up from the village ended & a kuchha road took off at the fork. Everyone wanted to take a look first hand.Now, going to Jhids "officially" was out of question so we decided to bunk.
The entire 'SC batch trooped out - I was coerced into staying back as I was the POD. naturally such a gang would'nt go unnoticed & the news travelled resulting in a SOS "roll call" in the covered shed. What happened next need not be detailed except that the entire batch got gated - leaving me alone! I think it was for a month.
The long faces became a common sight as the period seemed endless. Worst of all a scheduled social went off unchanged & the guys could'nt attend - which really hurt all of us .

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