Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What we need from our contributors.

Hello all. This is not a history article per se; I just want to give some suggestions about what all I personally want to see here. There are many interesting things, which we heard during our times at OG - e.g. the great MSSA fight (OGS and GNFC) of 1994 ( which we, the Class III batch of 1994 missed as we were in the JS). We also would like to hear something about the Great Runaway Batch of GS (hopefully from one of the runaway girls! Are they on the group??). Our teachers used to tell us of the great OGS - SGC sports rivalry, which predates Independence - would like to hear how it was done in those olden days. Then we have all these ghost stories - Kanjilal, Blue Hale (or Blue Whale??) What are their origins. Is it true that Oak Grove was built on a cemetery or burial site. Is the white memorial near the GS main gate dedicated to a headless rider? Then during my reading through the old threads in the MSN group, I found interesting one off topics like Maula Bux, or the Stick Jaw toffees ( in our times they were simply called Stickies - the onward march of the SMS generation ?). Some one could do a one off article on them. Then we have had some great teachers and Heads - we would like to know more about them. Finally, many of us may have written down something about our school days - I have, but in my memoirs I have just reached BS and am yet learning to deal with tit bits and fagging, so it will take time! If any of our senior Oakgrovians have penned some memoirs, please do post here.
I am putting in the link to the blog of one pre-Independence student - Mr.Maurice. Portions of this blog were published in the 'Overseas Oakgrovians' section of the school magazine when we were at school. In fact this article really got me interested in OG history. I hope you too will find it interesting.

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